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Please mention Sell-2-Go in order to get a preferential rate for your currency


Please mention Sell-2-Go in order to get a preferential rate for your currency


Looking for a Spanish Property?
Want value for money
, fair treatment, professional service and choice from a range of properties that we hope will tick most of your requirements. Advice and information always to hand when needed. Buying guide

Can you offer advice & how does it work?
We will help you in any way
we can, even if you have bought in Spain before you are bound to have questions. You can contact us about any particular property or the type of property and area that you may be interested in. We will arrange to show you the property or properties fitting your criteria, more.....

Would you like to Sell a  Property?
We can offer low cost choices
in selling your property in the best way possible to suit you.  Advertising will be comprehensive to get your property noticed. If it isn’t noticed you will not have viewings and without viewings your property won’t sell. Sell your property.

Is it worth selling or maybe I could rent?
Sometimes it is difficult to decide
what to do for the best. If it is hard to accept the much lower buying prices on offer now yet the property has expenses month after month. If renting is acceptable then it is possible to ride out the recession. Rental website - holiday rentals

Looking for a Property anywhere in Spain?
We have links with agents
in other areas of Spain and Baleric & Canary Islands. Whether you have been looking for a short while or are a seasoned buyer looking for just the right thing, let us know, we may be able to find the answer for you. Listings.

New Builds v Resales?
New build sales in recent year
s have been in the doldrums as builders have struggled with the downturn. Of late it is noticeable that there are many more sites coming alive again and properties selling. New builds. However, resales still remain at the forefront of sales and

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Property Values Drop in Spain
Price per square metre in Spanish properties has dropped 9.3% in the 3rd quarter in comparison to the same period last year. The fall represents a cumulative record value of 39.1% drop since 2007. According to Tinsa (Tasasciones Inmobilarias) the autonomous regions top the list with a 10% average fall in property value in 2013. The most significant reduction was seen in Metropolitan areas, with a 15.6% fall, followed by Capitals and major cities with a decrease of 11%, and the municipalities of the Mediterranean Coast, with a 10.7% decline. In fact, the cumulative declines since the top of the market were led by the 'Mediterranean Coast' segment with 45.7% by September. (Coastrider 29/10/2013)

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